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Best Voice SMS / Robocall Services in Nigeria

Voice SMS and Robocall Services in NigeriaA secure, dynamic and multi-purpose automation feature, Robocall is efficient in business & Political Advertisement.

Deliver your pre-recorded message to thousands of contacts instantly. Reach a large number of people in your own voice, in any language, in the shortest time.

With our IVR Survey platform you can collect phone responses with an unlimited level of branching questions. You can survey thousands of people and get their responses in a matter of minutes.

Voice SMS and Robocall Features

  • Pre-recorded messages (.mp3)
  • Bills per second
  • Advanced web-based interface
  • Scheduling of Calls
  • Customized Caller ID

Where Voice SMS/Robocalls/TTS Finds Uses

  • Political Campaigns
  • Broadcast of Inspirational messages
  • Delivering audio Jingles for commercials
  • Broadcast alerts and sensitive information in various languages

Industries that can benefit

  • Religious Institutions, Churches, Mosques
  • Schools - Private and Public Schools
  • Politicians and People Running for Offices
  • Financial Institutions - Banks and Insurance
  • Internet Service Providers,
  • Call centers and Customer Service Departments
  • Marketing/Sales Service Providers
  • Hotels, Restaurants and Fast Food Vendors
  • Travels and Tours Businesses, etc

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